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Increase The Import And Export Of Your Replica Merchant Account Business

Leveraging Ecommerce Platform To Increase The Import And Export Of Your Replica Merchant Account Business

Any business transaction, no matter how small it is, if done using any electronic forms can be referred to as e – commerce or electronic commerce. The most common processes that are performed online is marketing, selling and buying of goods. E- Commerce technologies are widely used in global sourcing, import and export and international trade. You can leverage e – commerce platforms and technologies to increase the profits of your import and export business.

Given below are a few points to help you concentrate on import export for international trade.

  1. Obtain “international trade directories” that are available at consulates or the internet which have a goldmine of information.
  2. Other than import export, obtaining “international trade directory catalogues” of products in huge demand for the purpose of global sourcing will also be very helpful.
  3. After obtaining all the required information, you have to do proper research on the import and export licensing processes, opening bank accounts and taxation rates in the country. You require an extended license number that has to be mentioned on all the export and import documents.
  4. There are a few products which are not permitted for global sourcing due to various reasons. You should stay away from them.
  5. Import and export of goods such as apparel, arms, pharmaceuticals and chemicals need additional permits, other than your import export license. For start ups it is better to begin import export or global sourcing with a few uncategorized items and then, gradually move up to include these items. Conversely, international trade or import export in products such as seafood, poultry and dairy require additional handling facilities which add huge infrastructural costs.

Leveraging e – commerce for the purpose of import export

Internet is a beautiful concept where all players, no matter how big or small, have a level playing field. Internet can be used to maximize your import export or global sourcing business with some planning.

  1. There are several free or paid memberships on many international trade portals that are dedicated only for e – commerce. Your presence on these sites provides the required amount of exposure to targeted consumers in global sourcing or import export as is the case.
  2. List your e – commerce web site on the big search engines, reputed directories in the industry and also issue regular press releases and blogs which are only for international trade.
  3. Your import and export business will get a major boost if your ecommerce web site is able to respond to new product notifications, invoicing, document sampling, chatting or online negotiation and quotation requests.
  4. Your e – commerce website can be configured to take sample orders from global sourcing customers before getting engaged in a full fledged import export. Your customers will love this feature as it will shield them from travel and risk costs.
  5. Internet allows customers to pay in several different ways which is mandatory if you want to attract global sourcing agents.

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