Internet is used as the main tool for merchant account. It is a very easy and convenient way of doing business. By using the internet services, a merchant can make a variety of services available to the customers. This is a latest way of making deals and it also increases the sales. By offering various ways to make payments, people or the final customers enjoy making choices for the convenient, comfortable and easy way to pay the merchants.

There are various means of payment solutions in the modern world. They are:

Processing of ATM or debit card

Interactive Voice Response Terminals



E-wallet (micro payments)

E-cash (digital cash)

Check guarantee and many more.

Let us see how the above stated payment methods work. There is very little cost involved in processing of the debit cards. It can be accessed from any of the terminals that accept merchandise accounts. Money is received instantly and the funds are also guaranteed. A bank account is needed in the background for making such transactions. It functions in the same manner as the credit cards do. After the withdrawal, that particular amount is deducted from the customer’s bank account. To make any purchase or any kind of transaction, the PIN code has to be entered to complete the transaction. Debit cards differ from check cards. PIN code is not required in check cards but debit cards do. Debit cards act as a check in some other way. The logos on the debit cards like VISA or MASTERCARD, etc. signify that the debit card is also a check card.

An ATM or a Debit card is not provided with credit facilities like the credit cards are. A merchant should verify the debit card while accepting it for any negative and false database of bad check bearers. A verification service is available to the merchant account to check for errors.

A very new way of processing credit cards, check cards and checks through any touch-tone phones is called IVR (Interactive voice response) terminal. Businesses like retail merchandise, internet marketing, etc. are suggested for this kind of service. Technology has helped the bank and the account holders to make transactions easy with the IVR systems. The most common example can be taken as Touch-Pay Advanced Account. It is simple to access. A merchant needs a Touch-Pay account which allows him/her to access the user, manage the payment gateways, reports and details generated from the touch-pay system, etc. A merchant should also have the idea to use such techniques to maintain a smooth running business.

PayPal is the most convenient way to make payments online. Thousands of users have been using PayPal for various purchases and transactions. In the current scenario, it has been noted that 8 million users have registered to use PayPal and its services. It was first started from the United States but now the PayPal services are available for non-U.S. based businesses also. Personal PayPal accounts are made free of registration fees but for various other commercial means and businesses, they include discount rates and transaction fees for each transaction that is made. These are the latest and fast growing means of payment solutions. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.