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Replica Merchant Account is Universal

Replica Merchant Account is Universal

Replica merchant accounts are considered high risk for a number of reasons, mainly being the risk involved with selling certain replica products. Some offshore merchant account providers will accept replica accounts however the risk can be high. These payment processors are accepting replica products but they will have requirements and rules set forth in order to protect themselves, their merchants and the account all merchants are processing through. Replica merchants are usually placed in an aggregate merchant account in order for the merchants to fly under the radar. Replica merchants will usually only process Visa cards since MasterCard has strict rules in regards to replica merchants and replica products.

Replica merchant accounts are obtainable if the merchant has previous processing history. Most payment processors are not going to accept a replica merchant unless they are able to provide processing history of at least $50,000 per month. The reasons surrounding this mark is because they do not want to deal with smaller merchants that normally are more willing to process riskier orders that have a better chance of having the account closed. Larger merchants are not likely to sell prohibited replica items.

Replica merchants will have access to several different features in order to make their business run smoothly. Replica merchants will have the ability to charge cards manually through a virtual terminal or by integrating the merchant account with the merchant’s website. This integration is easy for the webmaster to complete. The merchant account will also offer real time online reporting so that the merchant is able to review all of the transactions that have been processed through their gateway.

Offshore Merchants has been setting up replica merchant accounts since 2007 and is able to setup your replica business with processing if you have processing history of over $50k per month.

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