NUTRA Merchant solutions that are available in the market

It is very important to utilise all the available tools for aiding the business thrive in the current business market. Hence, it is very crucial to choose the correct merchant solutions for the success of a business. Today, traders require customer-friendly, economical and flexible point of sale or POS solutions. There are several merchant solutions that are available in the market today to cater too a trader’s requirement.

There are several POS solutions available for both traditional as well as online retailers. These POS solutions offer inventory management, reliability, upgrades, speed and additional products implementation ability like loyalty programs, pre-paid phone cards, ATM programs, check-guarantee programs, real time reporting, remote-deposit services, etc.

Merchant services that are available in the market include –

Online-merchant software – With the current internet technology, internet businesses can provide safe internet transactions with a several software has aid in processing credit-card payments, electronic discount coupons and cards, gift cards, etc.

Virtual terminals allow consumer to enter the information of their credit cards easily and quickly. Screens having 4 or 5 input fields such as credit-card number, address and name is the simplest for, of a virtual terminal. These virtual terminals are usually used by businesses that take phone orders. The payment gateway of the merchant aids the merchant to collect information of the credit cards and to authorise payments, a payment gateway acts as a link between a credit card firm and a business site.

All the online stores and internet merchant services make use of one form of virtual terminal or the other as most of the virtual terminals are integrated into the payment gateways. Virtual terminals allow traders to access a number of reports like payments received, checking the pending transactions’ status, the facility to create invoices and to issue re-funds.

PIN Pads – The PIN Pads allow merchants to accept debit transactions by entering the PIN. These PIN Pads can be utilised for POS terminals or for electronic cash registers. There are special devises that aid in entering the PIN or swiping the card.

Credit-card terminals – A credit card terminal can be a basic device or can advance till touch-screen terminals. These terminals support a number of features like signature and PIN debit, accepting gift cards, and electronic checks, accept different kinds of credit-cards, etc.

Mobile or wireless terminals – The wireless or mobile terminals do not need electrical cords or phone lines. With these terminals, payments are reliable, quick, easy and convenient. These terminals are best suited for pay-on-the-go transactions.

Check readers – This equipment is used by traders to accept check payments electronically. Merchants can all opt for check verification services by using the check-reader system. This reduces the speed of the transactions and also decreases the chances of the occurrence of a fraud.

Contact-less payment readers – With this device, consumers can be PIN-based payments or simply swipe their cards for making contact-less payments.

All kinds of businesses will benefit from these merchant solutions that are technologically advanced and will result in enhanced business management and consumer satisfaction. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.