In the early days, when the merchant accounts were just started, many fraudulent cases took place. It took a long time for the technology to overcome this problem. Authorize.Net is one of the payment gateways which have come up with a solution for such deception to protect the merchant account of the merchants.

The scams mostly look for weak gateway systems where they can use the valid credit card numbers to take advantage of. The merchant has to be careful in choosing the right gateway of making or receiving payments. Now-a-days, many merchant account providers have come up with the remedy to tackle these scams. The scammers insert the numbers of the credit card using your account number. These numbers are guessed by them and they try thousands of numbers. The numbers may be right while guessing thousands. If a number is correct then the scams misuse it in a great way. They make purchases from various merchants and sites using that number. It is the card holder who suffers great losses and even the merchants but the scams will be enjoying others rights. When the customer or the merchants check for the transaction details, they end up with long bills of thousands of dollar value.

The scammers happen to be very intelligent hackers. They have the knowledge of the processes involved in the credit card payment systems. Authorize.Net protects the user’s account with multi-repeated security codes which makes a scam fail. Authorize.Net has been able to protect the merchant’s and customer’s account using various techniques, today. A merchant has to keep in mind not to accept some transactions which they feel are not recognised.

Scammers use the hacking process especially from the sites which have shopping carts and no gateway systems. The shopping carts do not have a password protection facility which is a good advantage for the scams. There are secured as well as unsecured ecommerce sites which have price differences respectively.

The people or the customers and the merchants are not aware of the theft until they get a high value bill at the end of the month. The hackers are experts in this kind of work. Therefore it is very much important to check for a secure merchant account, safe payment gateways, etc. before choosing for a merchant account. The secure gateways identify faulty and suspicious credit card information and deny them automatically. They even deny access to the credit card numbers which are repeatedly used. A certain limit on the use of the credit card is fixed by the modern security systems. Sometimes, payment gateways and shopping carts don’t have password protection systems. The modern techniques directly reject such transactions to take place.

The latest systems of technology provide the merchant account holders with a URL which is unique. Only the merchant can access the gateways to make a safe transaction. This is the most reliable way to protect a merchant account as well as for the protection of the credit card system. Sometimes, there are options where a merchant or a user can make their own password which is very convenient for safety and makes it hard for the scams to guess the right password. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.