Are you ready to do business in a new way? Do you like to perform an activity which does not take up much time but generate a lot of income for you? Would you like to earn more while staying at home? If your answers to all the questions are a Yes, then continue reading this article carefully. It explains about a concept called “Small Business E – Commerce”.

The concept of e – commerce or electronic commerce has been in existence for several years now, since the invention of the internet or World Wide Web. Fundamentally, e – commerce is the nothing but selling and buying of goods, commodities and services on the internet. E – Commerce has several advantages; the best known is its ability to allow people to perform business transactions with out leaving the comfortable spot in your house. Therefore, imagine the convenience of making money by just sitting at home and having total control on your time.

How is this concept relevant to you? If you have come this far then it is safe to assume that you are either an individual interested in starting a small time business to make some money or you are the owner of a small business who is looking to expand his business by expanding the client base. The question that is running in your mind is: what is necessary to start a small online business?

There are no fixed rules in the e – commerce industry, however, like any other business, real or virtual, some steps or procedure will be helpful:

  • Identify a customer base
  • Know how marketable your products are
  • Make sure to have constant supply of products which you are selling
  • Reach out to likely consumers

To run an e – commerce business you should have a web site. It is the most important and crucial component of any online e – commerce business because the web site behaves like a store front. Whether in real or virtual business, a store front is the place where products are displayed and sold to customers. Thus, the web site is absolutely necessary. The web site has to be easy to navigate, appealing to look and clean so that customers will be attracted towards it. Will you go in and purchase in a store which is dirty, has mismatched colours and several maze like shelves? No one will want to do their shopping in stores like those. Therefore, the same logic will apply for your e – commerce web site.

This is the beginning of your small business venture on the internet. Once your ecommerce site is set up, you need to offer your customers more than one type of payment option. More than 90% of the online shoppers prefer to pay using their credit cards. Therefore, it is better for you and your business if your web site is able accept credit card payments from the customers. Also, no visitor will do business with you unless you have implemented some security mechanisms. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.