Three factors to consider before you accept free POKER credit card PROCESSING terminals

There are several firms that offer services for processing credit cards through free credit card terminals so that merchants are lured to open a merchant account. Though it is nice to get a free credit card terminal, it is essential to consider the following three things before opening a merchant account.

Research various companies – It is vital for merchants to find out about 3rd party processors, banks and other financial institutions. While conducting research, try to get details about the reputation and reliability of a firm. In addition to this, try and obtain referrals so you can get a better insight about the firm.

Also, never forget to take discount rates and processor fees into consideration before you make the final decision. It is also necessary to find out whether the company charges a flat monthly fee or a per transaction fee. Ask the company if they consider factors such as sales volume and the duration your firm has been in the industry. If you are considering a bank, find out if you have to acquire a bank account for the purpose of funding. Also check if the firm gives you the option of leasing or buying equipment.

It is advisable that you thoroughly read the contract. It is always help if you clearly understand the contract so that you can comply with its contents. Finally, enquire about consumer services and what their procedures and response time is in case of interruptions while processing.

Select services wisely – There are several type of merchant services for processing which depend in your business type. This will greatly affect the credit card terminal which you got for free.

For retail stores, restaurants and other such businesses, wherein-person, fast processing of credit cards is required, select services that accept gift cards as well as other major credit cards. In addition to this, the selected service should be easy to integrate with almost all the POS systems.

If traders have online stores, complex solutions will then be required such as security features which can easily be integrated with shopping carts and accounting software.

Mobile terminals are required for businesses other than restaurants and online stores. Most merchant services provide mobile processing of credit cards which are ideal for businesses such as flea markets, farmer’s markets, art festivals, trade shows and fairs. Terminals with wireless connections are best suited for mobile industries.

Selecting the most suitable terminal – The business requirements need to be considered in the first place so that the best terminal can be selected. If face-to-face transactions are going to be processes then “card present” systems or card-swiping terminals should be opted for. If transactions are carried out in “card not present” environment like MOTO transactions, then a terminal in which data has to be entered manually should be chosen. This also holds true with credit cards payments where the terminal has PIN pad. By making the right choices, you will be able to increase profits for your business. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.