The functionality of a Visa debit-card is similar to that of a check; thereby this card is popularly called as “Visa check card”. Using Visa debit-card permits you to purchase, with amount being cut directly from checking account of cardholder.

Visa debit-card provides better transaction service compared to giving check for each and every purchase.  Since, Visa debit-card is accepted globally, thereby, this card has become a convenient option for payment.

The essential characteristics of Visa debit-card is as listed here:

Firstly, pay for the purchases you have made: Visa-debit card allows cardholder to forfeit amount for every purchase by means of this card. You can also pay for electricity or telephone bills, shopping at shopping malls, dining, groceries, and movie tickets. Visa debit-card permits you to purchase goods via phone or internet.

Secondly, security protection: This card provides secured transactions, since company monitors cards operations 24*7. Based on its “0 Liability program”, every customer is given protection against the fraudulent and unauthorized use of card.

Thirdly, Customer assistance: This card offers the 24*7 support services. The user of this card can access service, to account for the stolen or lost cards, or to inform regarding fraudulent charges and to get details regarding company’s services and products.

Fourthly, Updating of monthly account:  Card holder is permitted to check his/her account transaction and summary history through phone or internet. Along with this, the statement of monthly account is mailed to user with their detailed information.

Using the Vista-Extras program, every individual can obtain qualifying purchase from his/her Visa-debit-card. Thereby, this plan is obtainable for Visa-Debit-Cards through a financial-service provider. The qualifying purchases under this scheme includes: bill payments, internet purchases, phone-order purchases, and signature-based purchases.

To avail these benefits, one must:

Enrol Visa-debit-card: You can enrol your card via internet in just few minutes.

Earn points: the cardholders can earn points for each qualifying purchase.

Redeem points: You can attain points to obtain rewards, through the online facility of Visa Extras. The rewards include: travel expenses, restaurant dining expenses, hotel bookings, and electronic goods.

The next thing you must know is how to get this Visa debit-card?

You need not have credit history, to purchase Visa debit-card. Any person can seek help from his/her financial-institution to obtain Visa debit-card for making transactions easily with their checking account.

Few of the monetary institutions which offer Visa debit-cards are: “Bank of America”, “Provident Central Credit Union”, “Merrill Lynch”, “Barclays Bank Halifax Bank of Scotland”, “HSBC”, “Royal Bank of Scotland”, “Lloyds TSB”, and “Abbey”.

These Visa debit-cards are trademark of the Visa, if you want to know more about Visa just log into

Visa debit-card is related to funds which are present in your account. One can spend only how much amount is there in their account; this eliminates accumulating debt risk which cannot be obtained if you are using credit cards.

So, make use of Visa debit-card and avail all its benefits and services to make your purchase as per money in your account. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.