Dealing with gambling credit card processing legal demands in case of insolvency

The insolvency of the creditor means legal action taken against a particular company or a person in case of any overdue amount owed by the person or the firm towards the creditor. The creditor might take action against the person who owes the money in order to get the amount recovered through legal means. If the customer did not comply with the legal demand, it can make the situation of the company and the individual worse.

As the person is concerned, if he or she fails to satisfy the statutory demand, he or she can submit an application for bankruptcy. The legal demand is mostly favoured by the collectors of the debt. But in most of the cases, it will not result in a petition towards bankruptcy. This is because most of the people will not be ready to spend the cash that is required for the procedures of bankruptcy. In most of the cases, this petition is used as a debt collection method. 

It is very difficult for a company to receive a statutory demand. In some cases, the entity might give an order in order to get the petition closed. Once a company receives a statutory demand, it must take immediate action. If it shows a delay in the action, the consequences might be fatal.

If the creditor decides to recover the money that is owed to them it must be taken as of the customers’ insolvency. In most of the cases, the creditors show sympathy towards the persons or firms and extend the term for repayment. If the debtor starts the dialogue initially, his creditors might show a sympathetic attitude towards them. If the customer is hesitant to make the initial move, it can be done for you by an expert. They will negotiate with the creditors in order to reach at an agreement between both the parties.

The creditors will always have the fear that if they fail to make the payment in time, the creditors might make the particular person or company bankrupt. The debtors can go through these points before they make you surrender before them. The tactics used by these creditors will be to get as much money as possible in a short span of time. If the amount of money the person or the company is a huge one there is only a less chance of getting it recuperated.

The statutory demand is a method to terrify a person to make the complete payment. The person will get terrified because the failure might result in a bankruptcy. The customer must demand for a copy of agreement in which the demand is written. If the creditor fails to produce the produce the copy of the agreement, one need not comply with the statutory demands.

The debtor can set aside the demands if

  • The creditor is not able to produce the copy of the statutory demand
  • If the person is successful in recovering the costs


The customer must make sure that he takes proper advice before complying with the statutory demand. He must demand a copy of the statutory demand. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.