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Inbound Telemarketing Merchant Account

Inbound Telemarketing Merchant

Inbound telemarketing is considered a high risk business by most payment processors. Not as high risk as outbound telemarketing however still considered high risk since there is selling happening in a non face to face environment. The inbound telemarketer will try to convert the caller into a sale during the call. After the customer purchases, the customer service representative will try and up sell additional services. These types of sales have a higher chance of chargebacks and banks are aware of this. Most businesses operating in the inbound telemarketing realm already realize their risk and are aware that obtaining a high risk merchant account is part of the business. A large percentage of payment processors would consider most seasoned merchants in this field as medium risk instead of high risk. These merchants have operated their business for an extended period of time and are able to manage their customers as well as their customer service representatives.

It is important that companies do not lack time and dedication when it comes to answering and responding to customer’s requests. This is where most amateur companies fail. They have acquired the sale however their shipping fulfillment time and their customer service response time is slow. Merchants do not like this. They will chargeback their sale if they do not feel they will be completely satisfied with their order. Most customers want to make sure their order has shipped and will call back the company to check to make sure it has. If they do not receive the answers they expect when they call back they will call their credit card company and reverse their sale to receive their money back.

High risk and medium risk credit card processors are aware of the risk that is involved with inbound telemarketing businesses. They have realized that there are problems with new companies. Most processors do not accept start up high risk businesses because of the risks involved with bringing new inexperienced companies on board. Merchant processors request previous sale history to make sure they are operating at a decent volume and that their chargebacks and refunds are not out of the ordinary. Most payment processors will give very competitive rates to companies that have history and experience in the industry in order to gain most or all of their business.

An inbound telemarketing merchant must make sure that they partner with an experienced payment processor in order to receive real time payment services and fast payouts. Offshore Merchants specializes in inbound telemarketing businesses since they are considered medium risk and easier to place than most high risk businesses. Merchants will be happy they have chosen Offshore Merchants. Their account will be approved quickly and they will be able to do business immediately. All of their technical support questions will be answered by a tech and their account representative will be to assist them with their statements and payouts. Choose to work with Offshore Merchants and you are choosing to work with a leader in the payment processing industry.

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