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International Merchant Account

International Merchant Account

An international merchant account will put your competition in the back seat. By taking your business worldwide you will create demand throughout the world for your brand unlike anything your competition is doing. International merchant accounts are opened easily when the merchant has the correct documentation. Most offshore payment processors will require the merchant to be incorporated internationally, usually depending on where the payment processor is located. If the payment processor is in the European Union, you will need to obtain European Union incorporation. If you are going to pick a country to be incorporated in, it is best to pick one inside of the EU.

What is included with an international merchant account? The same features you find with a normal domestic merchant account you will find with an offshore payment processor and more. There will be no volume limit on your account internationally. You will be able to process multiple currencies. You will be offered both 3d secure and non 3d secure processing accounts. Your company will be processing on a SSL secure site that is PCI compliant. Several fraud prevention tools will be at your disposable to combat fraud effectively. International merchants will be able to process cards manually through the virtual terminal. Weekly payouts will also be available to merchants that are processing cards regularly. Inside of the virtual terminal the merchant will also have access to online reporting in real-time.

Offshore Merchants has been setting up international merchant accounts since 2007 and they are dedicated to the success of their merchants. If your business has accepted cards in the past they will be a shoe in for an international merchant account. One of Offshore Merchant’s account representatives will be able to assist you in the setup of your company’s international merchant account.

Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.

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