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Medical Discount Merchant Account

Medical Discount Merchant Account

Medical discount businesses are classified as high risk businesses for a number of reasons. These businesses are usually operated with high power sales tactics. The businesses will purchase lists of potential clients that have purchased similar products or services. These people on the lists have not opted to receive a call directly from the medical discount merchant. They are being cold called from a commissioned sales person using outbound telemarketing. These sale people are not aware of the potential customer’s individual situation and are just trying to sell a medical discount card to them. Outbound telemarketing businesses always have a higher than normal level of buyer remorse and medical discount merchant accounts are no different. Any business with buyer’s remorse will receive a higher amount of refunds and chargebacks which normal merchant account processors will not like. These medical discount merchants will need to be setup with a high risk merchant account in order to facilitate their orders, refunds and chargebacks.

When medical discount merchants open a high risk merchant account they will be able to receive a number of benefits. These merchants will be able to process their transactions using a manual virtual terminal gateway. If customers would like to place their order online they will be able to when the merchant easily integrates their API into their website. Medical discount merchants are able to setup a number of payment options for their clients from the gateway terminal.

Offshore Merchants has been setting up medical discount merchants with high risk merchant accounts since 2007. Companies will be able to receive approval within 1-2 weeks and setup of their account shortly afterwards. Medical discount merchants should contact Offshore Merchants for a free consultation before applying to make sure that the merchant account will fit their businesses needs fully.

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