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Mp3 Merchant Account

Mp3 Merchant

Mp3 merchant accounts are considered a high risk business by banks worldwide. There are always risks involved with selling non physical products over the internet. Since the products are not shipped, there are no records of the customer receiving the products from the merchant like you would have if you had purchased a product and it was shipped and could be tracked during and after delivery. This is the first reason why mp3 merchant accounts are high risk. The second point is that mp3 businesses are sometimes considered piracy businesses, selling pirated music. This is even more difficult to discover however if it was true, the processor and the bank would be liable if there were sued from the rightful owners. Banks have to be extremely careful when they deal with these types of businesses and exercise caution. The ending result to the merchant, higher fees.

High risk businesses such as a business selling mp3s must have a merchant account which makes it almost a catch 22 for them. Customers purchasing mp3s or planning on purchasing mp3s from an online business will most definitely not be sending cash or wiring money to the merchant because of the security issue. Customers do not want to send money directly but purchase through an intermediary to make sure they receive what they have purchased. The catch is that the merchant will need to have a merchant account or they will not survive in business.

Mp3 merchants agree that having a solid credit card processing solution makes a huge difference in the survival of your business. Unlike payment processing in a low risk business, in a high risk business payment processing requires a full time person in order to conduct their payment processing requirements. The full time person must find, research and setup new payment processing solutions. Offshore Merchants has been setting up mp3 merchant accounts since 2007 and specializes in high risk merchants. Mp3 merchants will be able process their website’s payments quickly and cost effectively. Customers will be quickly able to make purchases and download their mp3s when you utilize Offshore Merchants as your payment processor.

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