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Negative Option Merchant Account

Negative Option Merchant

Negative option merchants are able to be approved and setup with select offshore banks. Even though the once booming negative option environment has dropped off and is not what it used to be, there are still merchants setting up negative option style businesses. A number of negative option merchants have switched their selling strategy to a strictly one time sale or have discontinued their businesses. Some businesses are unable to be successful without the trial offer and negative billing option. This mainly stems from the product that is being offered. Diet pills and nutraceuticals are normally sold in this manner. This happens because these customers purchasing these products are weary of the positive effects these products will have and the merchant provides them at a discounted price in order for the customer to test them.

What is a negative option business? A negative option business is a business that operates a selling strategy that has recurring billing. In other words, the products or services are usually offered to the customer for a discounted price, sometimes they are offered at the price of shipping only to entice the customer into purchasing the product or service. The customer will agree to the recurring billing of their credit card or debit card. The customer service is a very important part of any negative option business. The customer has to opt out of future sales and if they are unable to reach a customer service rep they will chargeback the purchases they have made and the ones in the future. This is what the bank worries about.

Where and how will a merchant be approved for a negative option business? A merchant will need to contact a bank that specializes with negative option merchants. The majority of merchant processors will not assist a merchant trying to process negative option sales strategy. The risk is too high. The only payment processors that will process negative option businesses will be based offshore. Offshore Merchants has been setting up negative option businesses since 2007 and is a leader in processing negative option billing type businesses.

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