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Outbound Telemarketing Merchant Account

Outbound Telemarketing Merchant

Outbound telemarketing merchant accounts are classified as being high risk. These businesses are very risky for a number of reasons. First of all most of the customers that are being called on are from a list that was obtained by the merchant. These customers have not opted into the company that is calling on them. Most merchants use high pressure tactics in order to push their products or services on a set calling list that they have acquired.

Buyer remorse is a common reaction once the sale has been completed. Even if the customer service representatives credit back orders, the merchant will still have a high refund percentage which goes to show how risky a business is. Normally however, most merchants will try to avoid refunding cards and canceling sales, this will substantially add to the chargeback ratio of the merchant. If the customer has not sent back the products, then the merchant is out of the product, sale price and transaction fees. This is why it is so important for the outbound telemarketing companies to be reputable and financially stable.

Outbound telemarketing businesses will offer a number of benefits to merchants. They will offer a virtual terminal in order to complete manual card orders processed over the phone. They will offer customers the ability to purchase the products directly over the merchant’s website using an easy to integrate API. When these options are offered to the customers, the outbound telemarketing merchants will have an increase in sales.

Offshore Merchants has been setting up outbound telemarketing merchant accounts since 2007. Merchants are able to quickly be approved for a merchant account once they have provided all of their documentation to Offshore Merchants. Offshore Merchants provides both; USA domestic merchant accounts in addition to offshore merchant account payment processing options.

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