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Pharma Merchant Account

Pharma Merchant Account

Pharma merchant account is a nickname for a pharmacy merchant account. Pharmacy merchants operating online will need to obtain a pharmacy merchant account in order to be competitive in the online pharmacy business. Pharmacy merchant accounts are able to setup if the merchant has the correct documentation when they apply. The pharmacy merchant will receive a number of benefits when they apply and are approved. Offshore Merchants is a leader in the pharmacy payment processing industry.

A pharmacy merchant account is an account that allows online pharmacies to process their sales. It makes it very easy for these merchants to process transactions since their customers will easily be able to enter all of their items into the shopping cart and check them out. The customer will then securely enter their credit card or debit card details and purchase their items. The pharmacy will receive the order details and the products will be sent. The pharmacy merchant will receive their money with their weekly bank wire transfer. The customer’s items will be received in a timely matter and all parties involved will be happy.

Pharmacy merchants will receive a number of features with their pharmacy merchant account. Pharmacy merchants that make the decision to open a pharmacy merchant account will be able to receive on time payouts every week along with real-time online reporting. Pharmacy merchants will be able to process multiple currencies if they have requested this from the beginning. The online virtual terminal will allow merchants to process their transactions that they received by phone. Pharmacy merchants have access to detailed reporting showing; sales, refunds, chargebacks and the settlement of funds. Merchants will be able to easily credit customers that require it from inside the payment gateway. Offshore Merchants has been setting up pharma merchant accounts since 2007.

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