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Poker Merchant Account

Poker Merchant Account

A poker merchant account is a great way for online gambling merchants to accept credit cards. These merchants will be able to accept credit cards and debit cards with instant funding into the customer’s poker account. The online poker merchant will have a huge advantage over any of their competitors not already utilizing credit card processing. Poker merchant accounts are available to poker merchants of all sizes. Smaller poker merchants will process through a third party or aggregate account which places the poker merchant in a merchant account with several small poker merchants. Larger poker merchants will be placed in their own poker merchant account. These larger poker merchants will receive direct payouts from the bank. The smaller poker merchants will receive payment from a payment processor that is managing the third party poker account.

How does a poker merchant account work? A poker merchant account is complex when broken down however the whole process happens within seconds without the customer knowing what is going on. The poker customer will create an account on the poker merchant’s website. He will then place his debit card or credit card information into the website with the amount he wants to fund his online poker account for and then hits submit. The card is first checked to make sure all fields on the credit card form were populated correctly once this is determined the card and the cardholders are check through a negative database of known fraud people and cards. If this checks out and the information is valid that was provided with the card details, the card is processed. If the card issuing bank has any questions they may call the customer for a one time verification that the charge is valid. Lastly, the funds are available to the customer.

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