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Tour Merchant Account

Tour Merchant

Merchant accounts are a requirement for tour operators that are hoping to increase sales. Offshore Merchants currently processes payments for; vacation clubs, travel clubs, voucher program merchants, timeshare merchants, vacation packages, tour transportation businesses, travel agencies, bus lines and tour operators. Vacationers want to easily and quickly book their vacation, tour and transportation with the credit or debit card of their choice. Providers that do not accept credit cards will be unable to grow their business. Offshore Merchants is able to setup merchants and businesses with both domestic and offshore merchant accounts.

If you have been searching for a tour or travel merchant account you are aware how difficult it is to find one for your business. The difficulties are usually rooted around the high ticket price, the length until the service is provided. These reasons have marked tour businesses as high risk and require a high risk offshore or domestic merchant account.

Offshore Merchants has several relationships with payment processors that specialize in processing transactions for tour businesses. The solutions are; reliable, affordable and have the highest percentage of approvals. Merchants are able to process payments manually using a virtual terminal and are also able to have their customers place their orders and pay for their order directly from the merchant’s website using a shopping cart. Offshore Merchant’s solutions offer both daily and weekly payouts. Merchants will receive access to detailed reporting of; sales, refunds, chargebacks and settlement of funds.

Higher risk businesses are usually plagued by fraud. A merchant account with Offshore Merchants will include fraud prevention tools and PCI compliance with simple integration to most shopping carts. All merchant accounts will include; Visa and MasterCard processing services. Domestic merchant accounts will also have the ability of accepting Discover and American Express cards. SSL encrypted servers and multi-layered credit card fraud protection will only help to decrease fraud.

Tour merchants sell their services and products in different ways. Some merchants will accept partial payment upfront and the rest over a period. Other merchants will accept the full payment at once. It is important to make sure that in both scenarios you business’ payment structure will be accepted by the processor. Offshore Merchants provides merchants with the options to process payments upfront, a recurring automatic payment plan or a manually virtual terminal option so that the merchant is able to process the exact payment on the date when both the merchant and customer have agreed upon.

Offshore Merchants offers fast approvals to get you processing now. Most accounts are approved within 5 working days and with a domestic merchant account, merchants are able to receive daily payouts to the bank account of their choice. It is important to make sure that merchants use a safe and proven processing solution that will not stop working when the merchant needs to process cards the most. Contact Offshore Merchants today to see exactly what they are able to offer to you and your business.

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